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Students have access to many activities which enable them to develop their leadership skills and consider future career opportunities. (Ofsted)


At Platanos College, we have a commitment to providing a high quality, impartial, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) to our pupils.

We are a member of the Investor in Careers Awarding Body, which ensures quality in careers guidance.

In addition, we are also a member of the Career Development Institute.

We are part of the Lambeth Careers Cluster working with other local schools and employers to enable pupils to gain access to a range of career events and opportunities and learn about the world of work in different environments and professions.
Our careers advice is a bespoke programme tailored to the needs of pupils at different stages of their education.

Mission statement

We invite employers to Platanos College to help our pupils experience a meaningful encounter in relation to all aspects of the world of work, and in turn our pupils gain transferable skills which prepares them for the all-important transition from secondary education to further education, training, apprenticeships or employment.

Furthermore, when pupils engage in employment-based activities it provides pupils with access to up-to-date changes to careers and labour market information which is important for social mobility.  Employers’ involvement provides practical examples of how subjects link to the world of work. The partnerships we forge with employers allow our pupils to receive a holistic approach to a diverse range of career pathways.

Policy, guidance and strategy

To read the full details of our Careers Guidance Strategy, please click here.

We have a clear policy outlining our careers support available to our pupils. If parents/carers have any questions regarding our policy or if you would like further information, a hard copy or a more accessible version of the policy, please contact us. Appointments can be made with staff at the school if necessary.

For our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy, please click here (pdf).

In line with Section 42B of the Education Act 1997 (‘Baker Clause’), this policy statement provides information on our arrangements for managing the access of training providers to pupils at the school so that:

  1. They can provide education and training information;
  2. There are opportunities for a range of education and training providers to speak to pupils to inform them about technical qualifications and apprenticeships.

Click here to read our policy statement.

Click here to read our arrangements.

In September 2016, Platanos College, along with 16 other Lambeth schools, were invited to participate in the European Social Funded Career Cluster Project.

Platanos College now holds the Investor in Careers national quality award for its careers education provision.

The Investors in Careers Award is designed as a development tool to help raise standards and recognise excellence in careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG).

It is developed to enable schools to demonstrate that it meets the DfE statutory requirements. It is also recognised as meeting the Quality in Careers Standard.

To achieve the award, schools must complete three stages:

Stage 1 Commitment Certificate – Achieved December 2016

Stage 2 Intermediate Certificate – Achieved July 2017

Stage 3 Full Award – Achieved in December 2018

The Investor in Careers Award has supported the school’s opportunity to further expand their involvement with businesses, potentially creating partnerships with over 16 businesses and linking pupils’ education with the world of work.

To view our Investor in Careers Certificate, please click here.

Our Careers Leader is: Ms Williams
Tel:  020 7733 6156

Programme information, events and news

The Careers Timetable for Spring 2023 term 1 can be found here.

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The Year 9 Careers Options Programme Summer 2022 can be found here.

NHS Careers Untapped Webinar – 23 March 2023, 4.30-6.00 pm – Click here.

Lambeth College open event – 22 January 2022, 10 am – Click here.

Richmond Upon Thames College – open events 2021-2022 – Click here.

Careers Fair at Platanos College – 24 November 2021 – Click here.

College and Sixth Form open days 2021-2022 – Click here.

Year 9 Careers Options Programme Summer 2021 – Click here.

Virgin Media Apprenticeship Scheme Live Webinar – 19 March 2021 – Click here.

Top 100 Apprenticeship employers – Click here.

Career opportunities in Maths, Science, History and Languages – Click here.

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GetMyFirstJob – Get the latest information and opportunities here – click here.

Year 11 careers drop-in sessions are held on Mondays at Platanos College. For further details click here.

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For information about St. Francis Xavier Student Experience, click here.

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All the latest news, workshops and feedback from our pupils

T-level workshop for Year 11 (Tuesday 21 September 2021) – read more.

What do the employers say?

“We really enjoyed the session this morning! The students were great and some brilliant questions were asked.”

STEM National Grid Workshop – March 2021

“The students were really engaged throughout today’s Employability Skills Workshop and gave some great answers and examples to the activities and tasks. They had a clear understanding of certain skills and the trade sector which was great to see!”

The Careers and Enterprise Company – March 2021