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This is an excellent school, where parents rightly feel that it gives their children every chance of succeeding in life. It is a purposeful place where everyone’s right to work and learn is respected. (Ofsted)

About our Executive Headteacher & Chief Executive Officer

Ms Tapper was awarded a CBE in 2005 for services to local and national education. Under her leadership, Platanos College has made tremendous progress.

Ms Tapper is also Chief Executive of the Platanos Trust, with responsibility for implementing the strategic vision, working with key national educational bodies and seeking out best practice.

Her philosophy of education is based on high expectations, discipline and hard work, all central to meeting the challenges of urban education.

Ms Tapper has a national reputation for raising attainment and has supported schools deemed inadequate or in special measures. She currently supports newly appointed Headteachers and lectures widely on leadership, change management, curriculum innovation and effective behaviour management strategies.

Ms Tapper has addressed government ministers as well as many leaders of business and industry, advising on educational matters.

She is looking forward to working in partnership with other schools who are interested in joining the Platanos Trust to deliver high quality educational provision for young people.


Executive Headteacher and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)