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We have high expectations for all our pupils and ensure that every learner is challenged and supported to reach their full potential.

Most able, gifted and talented

Our most able, gifted and talented pupils are identified across the curriculum early on and are kept on target through the regular monitoring of progress and attainment data. This allows us to continuously challenge our pupils and refine our teaching in order to meet the needs of our most able pupils.We believe that our pupils can achieve beyond all expectations.

We have an extensive programme of accelerated learning and additionality.

  • Individual challenge plans to stretch each and every able pupil.
  • Academically able pupils can join our Grammar School Pathway (click here for more information).
  • Many children complete Key Stage 3 by the end of Year 8. This enables GCSEs to be taken in Years 9 and 10, thus freeing up time for pupils to study additional courses and take extra qualifications.
  • Pupils’ learning is also enriched and complemented by our Centres of Excellence.
  • Extracurricular clubs and societies to cater for the most able pupils in different disciplines.
  • Master classes and seminar programmes in different subjects.
  • Additional tuition in specialist skills.
  • Educational visits and workshops.

Pupils at our academy are hard-working, disciplined and focused on learning. They are being prepared for the world beyond school, to develop and achieve, to become productive members of society.Please explore our website for the latest information and get to know us better.