The Houses

Pupils at Platanos College are challenged and supported throughout their time at the school.

The House system at the school

On arrival, each pupil is allocated to one of the Houses and this is reflected in small details of their uniform. Houses provide an additional, inter-generational grouping for pupils to meet each other at assemblies and through House activities. The House staff get to know pupils well and provide a source of stability as pupils progress through the school. Houses create a family dimension to school life as well as introducing an element of fun and competition.

The Houses at Platanos College are named after four of the great rivers of the world:

  • Amazon
  • Nile
  • Indus
  • Tagus

As well as signifying the learning journey that all our pupils embark on when they join the school, the rivers represent the diversity of our community. Even the design of the new building reflects this by flowing across the school site like a sinuous, meandering stream.