School Day

Pupils are encouraged to apply for membership to one of our many clubs which extend the curriculum and develop skills beyond the classroom.

School day

The school day is divided into five separate periods.  The school day typically starts at 8.40 am and pupils are required to be in school by 8.30 am. Pupils are not allowed to leave the grounds during the school day.

Staggered start times due to Covid-19

Currently however, the start and end times are staggered as part of the current Covid-19 measures.

Year 7                             Start: 8.40 am       End: 2.30 pm
Year 8 and Year 9         Start: 8.40 am       End: 3.00 pm
KS4                                 Start: 9.40 am       End: 4.00 pm

Typical school day/hours



9 – 9.55AM LESSON 1
10 – 10.55AM LESSON 2
11 – 11.55AM LUNCH TIME
12 – 12.55PM LESSON 3
1 – 1.55PM LESSON 4
2 – 3PM LESSON 5