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  • 21 Jun
  • 2013

End of term activities

Many exciting end-of-term activities will commence from Monday 1st July and continue until the last day of term. As a result, there will be disruptions to daily lessons.

The activities include a programme of educational trips to enhance learning for the whole of Key Stage 3, our Barcelona trips, Grammar School Pathway exams, revision workshops, Sports Week, end-of-season tournaments, music concert, Key Stage 3 Awards Ceremonies, Graduation Evening, Sports Day, CHABOP Awards Day, Business Fair and many more!

We would like to wish our Year 10 pupils the best of luck, who will be on leave from 1st July to begin their Health and Safety qualifications, followed by work experience on the last two weeks of term.

Finally, we continue to wish our Year 11 pupils all the best, who are on study leave and in the middle of their exams!