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Pupils are encouraged to think creatively and become independent learners who are able to think for themselves.

Independent learners

We aim to get the best from every child at Platanos College by assessing their potential and tracking their progress consistently and accurately. Each pupil’s form tutor will know them well and is usually the first point of contact with parents.

Each child is in a House and will be well-known to their Head of House. A team of senior staff, the Personalised Learning Directors, track pupils’ progress and help to ensure that targets are realistic and achievable as well as ambitious.

Throughout the school year there are parents’ evenings, target-setting days, parents’ curriculum evenings and other occasions when pupils’ progress is reviewed and parents and carers can discuss how their children are doing. Click here for details of the latest events.

Homework is considered very important and is set every weekday according to a homework timetable which parents/carers can check in the pupil’s planner. Click here to log in. Pupils are expected to undertake homework assignments to the best of their ability. Parents/carers can use the planner to communicate with the school and are encouraged to work in partnership with us to get the best from the child. Pupils are encouraged to join in evaluation activities to review their own progress, to set themselves targets and to give feedback about learning and other aspects of school life.

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