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‘This is an excellent school, where parents rightly feel that it gives their children every chance of succeeding in life. It is a purposeful place where everyone’s right to work and learn is respected.’ Ofsted

Grammar School Pathway

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The Grammar School Pathway is a new programme aimed at all pupils who show academic ability and are developing skills as independent learners. The Grammar School Pathway will encourage learners to develop the following characteristics:

  • Persistence and determination
  • Thoughtfulness and focus on the task in hand
  • Active listening
  • Factual recall
  • Reflection and flexible thinking
  • Accuracy in written work and calculation
  • The ability to learn through intelligent questioning
  • The transference of prior knowledge and skills to new learning
  • Clear and accurate communication skills
  • Inferential comprehension skills
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Open-mindedness and responsiveness
  • The ability to assess evidence and reason out solutions
  • The ability to argue a case
  • A willingness to be a lifelong learner


Students enrolled in to the Grammar School Pathway will be expected to achieve high academic success, as well as being well-rounded, cultured individuals with a high level of social skills. The ethos is based on the celebration of excellence in a caring, supportive environment which encourages pupils to achieve beyond their expectations.

In line with the school’s ethos and values, we place a strong emphasis on self-discipline, good manners and courtesy in the Grammar School Pathway.

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