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‘This is an excellent school, where parents rightly feel that it gives their children every chance of succeeding in life. It is a purposeful place where everyone’s right to work and learn is respected.’ Ofsted

Formal consultation on admissions for entry in September 2020


The Trustees of Platanos College have taken a strategic decision to reduce the admissions number for pupils in September 2020, from the current number of 210 per year group.

From September 2020 the Trustees plan to reduce the published admissions number to 160 pupils in Year 7.

At the same time, in September 2020, Platanos College would like to open a Sixth Form College, with a roll of 100 pupils in Year 12.  We anticipate that most of the Sixth Form will be made up of internal students who stay on after Year 11 but we intend to admit at least 25 external candidates to the Sixth Form in Year 12. Platanos College would like a total of 200 pupils in the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13). The Trustees of Platanos College will consult separately about the introduction of a Sixth Form under the Department for Education Guidance, ‘Making Significant Changes to An Open Academy and Closure by Mutual Agreement’.  Therefore, the proposed amendments to the Admissions Policy to add a Sixth Form are subject to approval being given by the Regional Schools Commissioner but stakeholders are still welcome to comment on the proposed Admissions Policy.

The planned capacity of the school from 2020, following consultation is intended to be approximately 1,000 pupils on roll within the age range of 11-19, including a Sixth Form of 200 places.

Reducing the standard number of pupils from Years 7 to 11 to 160 is a cost-effective way of achieving our desire to open a Sixth Form, without the need to build additional accommodation at huge costs during a period of reduced budgets.  It also gives us the ability to satisfy the demand for our students to stay on to study at our own Sixth Form instead of looking for other provision.

Please find below links to our draft Admissions Policy and associated documents for consultation on the school’s admission arrangements for entry in September 2020 onwards.

Proposed changes or points of clarification to the policy are highlighted in red.
If you wish to provide any comments, we would be grateful if you could submit these by the 31st  January 2019  to Dr. Lok, either by:
Email:, or
Post to: Platanos College, Clapham Road, London SW9 0AL.

the consultation letter.

the draft Admissions Policy.

the Appendices to the Admissions Policy.

the draft Supplementary Information Form.

the draft In-Year Application Form.

the draft Scholarship Application Form.