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Attitude Determines Altitude.

Welcome to Platanos College Sixth Form

Welcome to our newly established Platanos College Sixth Form. As the Director of Sixth Form, I am proud to extend to you my warmest greetings for what is an exciting chapter in the journey of The Platanos Trust. Our schools are inspirational environments at the hearts of their communities that exist and work for all pupils and learners.

After successful implementation of our vision for our pupils from 11-16, we now extend that vision towards our Sixth Form pupils. Here at Platanos College Sixth Form we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that nurtures growth, curiosity and success. We strive for the very best for our pupils, in every classroom, every day. We have an unshakeable belief that they can achieve their very best in order to equip themselves for the next steps of further and higher education and professional life.

Our ambition for our new Sixth Form is that it will be a place where pupils will experience innovative and collaborative work related learning routes; a place where they will develop and refine the skills they need for their futures. As a Business and Enterprise College, this ethos will underpin the teaching and learning that pupils experience. All pupils will undertake work experience in their chosen field, which will enhance their learning beyond the classroom providing them with tangible experience and a crucial insight into the world of work.

Our Sixth Form offers diverse curriculum pathways of study for pupils to choose from; our dedicated team of experienced teachers will guide and inspire, supporting each pupil to reach their full potential.  We want our young people not only to achieve academically, but also to develop a strong sense of social purpose, self-reliance and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

As the newly appointed Director of Sixth Form, I am motivated to support our pupils in achieving the future they want for themselves, whatever that may be. A dedicated Sixth Form Team will work collaboratively with all pupils to ensure that they have a safe, successful and inspiring experience at Platanos College Sixth Form.

Ms S. O’Connell, Director of Sixth Form


Tel no:  020 7733 6156

Email:   sixthform@platanoscollege.com