Our Members/Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction of the Platanos Trust and the school and for ensuring exceptionally high standards of education provision and accountability.


The Local Governing Body

This comprises two trustees and two elected parents of the school. It will monitor educational performance and has an advisory function. The local body is involved in matters such as community links, discipline and behaviour, citizenship, social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, the ethos and reputation of the college. This local body reports to the Trust Board.


The Platanos Trust Board


Mr A. Alabi

Ms A. Domingo

Ms A. Bowes

Mr A. R. Monteiro


Ms A. Domingo (Chair)

Prof. J. Brakus

Mr T. McKenzie

Mr J. Mayah

Mr H. Whyte

Ms J. Tapper

Mr B. Morris

Mr K. McKenzie

Ms L. Oberholzer

Non-Executive Members

Ms T. Smith


Please note: The Chair of Trustees can be contacted at:



Declaration of business interests of the Trust Board

The declaration of business interests and further details on our trustees and members for the Platanos Trust can be found by clicking here (external link).

For further information on the Platanos Trust please click here.

The governance of the school is outstanding. Governors support and challenge the school very effectively.  (Ofsted, 2014)