News archive 2015-2016

Outstanding GCSE results 2016, 
26th August 2016

Platanos College pupils celebrate their excellent GCSE results this year. 

Over two thirds (73%) achieved 5+ A*-C grades including English and maths and, on average, achieved over half a grade higher in at least 8 subjects when compared to pupils across the country using the new Progress 8 measure.

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Venn Street Market Business and Enterprise Project,
3rd June 2016

Our Girl Guides took part in the recent Venn Street Market trading project. This project allowed the pupils to experience the process from business and financial planning to production and marketing.

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Mayor of London mock election at Platanos College,
6th May 2016

With the Mayor of London elections upon us, the entire school took part in a mock election for the London Mayor earlier this week. The exciting event mirrored the election process with brilliant speeches and whole school voting.

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Public Health England message on measles, 5th May 2016

Please click on the links below to read the letters from Public Health England in relation to measles in London.  This is circulated on the request of Public Health England and the local authority.

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Speak Out Challenge Finals, 14th April 2016

Many congratulations to our two pupils, Nathanael Clarke and Francisco Ferreira, who have been selected to compete in the Speak Out Challenge Finals this term. 

The Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge is a highly competitive debating/speaking competition in which Platanos pupils have had many recent successes.


Platanos College receives the SSAT Educational Outcomes Award, 21st March 2016

Platanos College has recently been recognised by the SSAT Network for excellent educational outcomes.

The organisation's analysis determined that Platanos College is in the top 10% of schools nationally for pupil progress based on the most recent results.

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Platanos College has also previously been recognised by the Sutton Trust as among the best in the country after an analysis of the 500 top-performing schools and is a member of the SSAT Leading Edge network of high-performing schools.


England call for Platanos pupil, 2nd February 2016

Many congratulations to our pupil Wilfrid Santhe. Wilfrid has once again been called up to the England Under-14 Boys national basketball team.

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Lambeth Achievement Awards, 19th January 2016

We are delighted that many of our Platanos pupils were recipients of the Lambeth Achievement Awards this year. The grand ceremony took place at the Royal Festival Hall and the awards were presented by the Chief Executive of Lambeth Council.

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Foundation Awards ceremony, 1st December 2015

The annual Foundation Awards ceremony took place last week and was a wonderful celebration of our pupil's outstanding success and talent in Art, Drama, Technology, PE and Music.

The ceremony was well attended and provided a wonderful showcase of pupils' work during the evening. The key note speech was delivered by our special guest speaker, David Pickering, a performing artist and Education Administrator of the Royal Opera House, with which the school has established educational and career links.

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Show My Homework online tool, 16th November 2015

Show My Homework is a website tool to record and monitor pupils’ homework. The school has introduced this online system this term in order to continue to maximise pupils’ learning.

Parents and carers can see and keep track of all the homework set by their teachers by logging into the system using their individual account so that they can better support their children. The system can be accessed via a computer, mobile phone app or tablet device.

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The system can be accessed via the following link:


Presidential elections at Platanos, 12th October 2015

The annual presidential elections for pupils took place this term to conclude the brilliant election campaigns delivered by our pupil candidates.

Many congratulations to your newly elected Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Year 7 President  Robert Karapetian (42 votes)

Year 7 Vice President  Andave Ramdhun (19 votes)

Year 8 President  Jasmine Scott & Mohamed Sheikh (24 votes)

Year 8 Vice President  Camila Albuquerque (23 votes)

Year 9 President Keni  Duguma (37 votes)

Year 9 Vice President  Miseb Gjetaj (21 votes)


Platanos College receives its third London Mayor's Gold Club Award, 28th September 2015

We are pleased that Platanos College has been awarded the Mayor of London's Gold Club status for a third successive year. 

The Club recognises and celebrates exceptional schools that have 'bucked the trend' and succeeded in raising standards and pupils' achievement. The Club also facilitates the sharing of good practice.

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Platanos College has also previously been recognised by the Sutton Trust as among the best in the country after an analysis of the 500 top-performing schools and recognised nationally by the SSAT for adding value to pupils' attainment.


Platanos celebrates the Internatioal Day of Languages,
25th September 2015

Pupils and staff at Platanos College today celebrated the International Day of Languages. It was a fascinating day with a host of special lessons, assemblies and food from around the world.

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History Month, 25th September 2015


History Month begins next month at Platanos College. There will be a series of exciting assemblies, presentations and learning activities for pupils next week.

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Scholarships for Science, Maths, Art, Music, Business and Enterprise, 1st September 2015


Platanos College is introducing new scholarships and bursaries from September 2016.

New pupils applying to join the school in September 2016 will be eligible to apply for scholarships in Science, Maths, Art, Music and Business and Enterprise.

Up to 10% of new Year 7 places for September 2016 will be designated for applicants showing potential or aptitude in Art or Music.

These prestigious scholarships will allow the most able pupils access to additional provision, including extra master classes, tuition and workshops delivered by experts specific to the discipline.

For further information, please see our Admissions page here.

To make an application for a Year 7 place in September 2016, please click here (deadline 31st October 2015).


Open Events for Year 6, 1st September 2015


The Year 6 Open Events will take place at the college on the following dates:

Tuesday 22 September (9.30am - 10.30am)

Wednesday 23 September (4pm - 6.30pm)

All Year 6 pupils and parents/carers are welcome.

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Our GCSE results have shown significant improvement over the last few years and Platanos College is now one of the top-performing schools in the country.