Subject enrichment

There are many opportunities for extra-curricular activities including the Centres of Excellence for different subjects (science, maths, writing, the arts, computing and more), and a full range of activities and competitions including maths, debating and public speaking, chess, and creative writing, amongst others.



Our sports provision and coaching is a major strength at the college. Competitive sports with school teams challenging other schools in football, cricket, rugby, basketball, netball, volleyball, table tennis and other sports plays a big part in pupils' lives.

We have a Basketball Academy in collaboration with Greenhouse Basketball with a number of national and international achievements over the years. Please click here to find out more.



All pupils take part in House activities including committees, assemblies, competitions, Sports Day, the Spelling Bee, the Business Fayre and educational trips out.

Pupils develop leadership skills through participation in the School Council, the Restorative Justice and Peer Mediation programmes, the Jack Petchey Award Scheme, the prefect scheme and by taking part in leadership focus groups.


Extra-curricular clubs timetable

Physical Education
Various activities                     Click here for the full timetable


KS3 Booster Tuesdays, 3.15pm-4.15pm
Year 10 Revision Mondays, 3.15pm–4.15pm
Year 11 Revision Wednesdays, 3.30pm–5pm
Debating Society Tuesdays 3.05pm-4.05pm
Creative Writing Club Thursdays after school


Centre of Excellence  Mondays, 3.30–4.30pm
KS3 Booster Mondays, 3.15pm-4.15pm
Year 11 Further Maths Tuesdays, 3.30pm-5pm
Year 10 Further Maths Thursdays, 3.15pm-4.15pm


Centre of Excellence  Fridays, 3.30–4.45pm


Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club Everyday, 7.30–8.20am


Year 7 Lunch Time
Years 8 and 9 Thursdays, 3.30–4.30pm


Year 11 Intervention

Monday and Friday 3.30-5pm

Year 10 Intervention (Bermondsey Art Space Project)

Tuesday 3.30-5pm



KS3 and GCSE drop-in sessions

Every lunchtime


Technology Club Fridays, 3.15–4.30pm
Year 7 Cookery Club Mondays, 3.30–5.00pm
Year 8 Cookery Club Wednesdays, 3.30–5.00pm
Textiles Club Year 7 & 8 Thursdays, 3.30–5.00pm


Modern Foreign Languages
Podcast Club Tuesday, 3.15–4.15pm

Year 11 Intervention

Wednesday and Friday, 3.30-5pm


ICT / Business Studies
Business Studies Mondays & Wednesdays, Lunch Time
Computer Club Tuesdays, 3.30–4.30pm


Chinese Mandarin Classes
Year 7 Mondays & Thursdays (Lunch)
Year 8 Mondays & Thursdays (After school)
Year 9 Wednesdays (Lunch)
Year 10 Tuesdays & Fridays (Lunch)
GCSE Revision Wednesdays (After school)


Study Groups Year 11
Business, Science and English Mondays, Lunch Time
English, Maths, Additional Maths Tuesdays, Lunch Time
English, French Wednesdays, Lunch Time
Science, Maths, Additional Maths, French Thursdays, Lunch Time
Science Fridays, Lunch Time


Business and Enterprise
Enterprise Challenge Tuesdays, 3.30–4.30pm


Safeguarding and Wellbeing
Anti-Bullying Committee Meetings Mondays, 1.05pm
Youth Club Year 7, Wednesdays after school 
Health and Wellbeing Programme

Year 9, Wednesdays after school;

Years 10 & 11, Wednesday lunch times


Choir Wednesday lunch times
Music Band Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm


Drama Club Thursday lunch times


Saturday School
English / Maths / Science Saturdays, 9.00am–2.00pm


Girl Guides
Year 7 Wednesdays, 3.15–5.00pm
Year 8 Tuesdays, 3.15–5.00pm
Year 9 Fridays, 3.15–5.00pm


Year 7 and 8 Thursdays, 3.15–5.00pm


St John Ambulance Cadets
Year 7 and 8 Tuesdays, 5.30–7.00pm

First Aid 
First Aid Club

Mondays & Fridays, 3.30–5.00pm; 

Lunch Times

There are many different opportunities for our pupils to develop leadership skills: Business and Enterprise, Sports Leadership, Army Cadets, St John Cadets, London Young Chamber, Scouts and Girl Guides.