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Pupil Leadership

At Platanos College we want our pupils to play an active and positive role in all aspects of school life. We have developed pupil involvement to a very high standard with the establishment of ambassadors and different pupil committees with distinct functions. We enable our pupils to experience leadership development within and beyond the curriculum.

Pupil leadership is an important part of personal development, inter-personal skills and preparation for life after secondary education.

Every year we encourage pupils to apply for one of the various pupil leadership roles available. As such, our pupil leadership programmes play a central role in the life of the school.

  • Presidents and Vice Presidents in Years 7, 8 and 9

Our Presidents and Vice Presidents are elected by their peers.  They have detailed job descriptions, consult their year groups and form the School Council.  They also organise our CHABOP Days.

Click here to read more about our Year 9 Presidents and Vice Presidents.

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For information about our Year 7 Presidents, click here.

  • Trainee Leaders in Year 10

This programme is a development of the Presidents and Vice Presidents system in Key Stage 3.

Trainee Leaders help to run the school, mentor and coach younger pupils.  They lead significant programmes on higher education, college links, behaviour management and business and enterprise.

  • Prefects and Head Boys/Head Girls in Year 11

This system is a further development of our Trainee Leaders Programme.

This layer of pupil management will often represent the school. All the above offices have detailed job descriptions, self-reviews and reviews.

Furthermore, we have a range of committees that pupils can apply to join (click for more information):

 •  School Council

 •  Business Committee

 •  Charity Committee

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It is our belief that all pupils should be given the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility that positively impacts the school as a community.


There are many opportunities for our pupils to develop leaderships skills: Business and Enterprise, Presidents and Vice Presidents, Committee Membership, and Cadets, amongst other opportunities.